Edinburgh U3A "With Drawing" Art Competition

Exhibition 19th to 23rd October 2020, Custom House Gallery, Leith, Edinburgh.

The "With Drawing" art competition was an initiative prompted by Covid-19. U3A art groups were unable to meet in person so the stimulation and motivation from working with like-minded people was missing. A goal was necessary to give our artists that motivation to keep creating. They were asked to produce a postcard size piece of work in any medium. There were 92 entries from all over Scotland.

The pictures are arranged in the gallery in 7 sets. Click on a set number to view

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Competition created by Ann Keating.   Judges - Roseanne Wiseman, Bridget Lanham, Annabel Toogood.
Prize presentation - Sandy Moffat.   Photography & web design - Sonia and Neil Duffy
Website - Photog3a   the website of Edinburgh U3A Photography Groups 1 and 2